Summer is on its way!


May 9th to 15th is Mental Health Awareness Week. Much is written on how gardening can lower stress levels, combat anxiety, build confidence and help with isolation. Edwins encourages you to plant a container to give colour and cheer through the summer; or grow your own, whether just a lettuce, tomato or strawberry plant. The taste of your own produce straight from the plant is truly up lifting.  

This time of year is busy planting out vegetable plants, earthing potatoes, weeding and feeding plants. If you do not grow from seed, we have a lot of vegetables, fruit and fruit trees, composts and feeds to ensure bountiful crops. Plant, grow and be amazed at the reward.

Create instant, decorative, impactful seasonal display for beds, borders, containers and hanging baskets with summer bedding plants. Will you be planting out Platinum Jubilee reds & pinks, white & blue or going bold with reds, oranges and darker colours?

Please visit our stores to shop where we have several multi buy offers and our horticulturalists on hand for advice. 

Happy gardening.

Lee Wong
Grandson, Owner, Manager

Note: Visit Edwins, Woking for this season’s garden furniture, barbecues, fire pits and outdoor heaters.