Top Five Houseplants to Replace the Christmas Tree, in stock now

Top Five Houseplants to Replace the Christmas Tree, in stock now

Top Five Houseplants To Replace Christmas Tree, 

If you miss the natural greenery of your Christmas tree, consider a houseplant to add character and create a calming and relaxing spot as well as benefit from the air purifying properties. Here are our top five houseplants, whether this is your first houseplant or you are a seasoned indoor gardener.

Ficus lyrate (Fiddle leaf): Fall in love with this flamboyant, lush plant with its fabulously large leaves, with the added bonus of being perfect air-cleansing greenery for indoor. The Fiddle Leaf loves constant, indirect, bright sunlight so by a draught-free patio door or under a skylight. They like a bit of humidity so do no place near a radiator as its too dry.

Water your Fiddle Leaf only when the top inch of the soil is dry. When you do water well from top of soil as opposed to soaking the roots. Cleaning the leaves with a damp cloth will keep the leaves dust and pest free, as well as able to maximise light absorption and look glossy

Plants around 90cm now in stock. Can grow to 3 metres indoors

Ficus benjamina (Weeping fig):

An attractive, relaxing indoor plant with large arching branches and long pointed leaves. It does not like to be moved around, so find a spot with bright, indirect light, away from draughts and that has some space for its growth, both in height and width. Water well in spring and summer, but less is winter. At the end of the summer, it will lose some leaves.

Plants in store are between 85cm to 1metre height.  It is moderately fast growing and can reach up to 2metres indoors.

Monstera deliciosa (Swiss Cheese plant)

The on-trend plant of the last few years will fill your Christmas tree spot with ease. Give it plenty of bright , indirect light but avoid direct sunlight as it could scorch the plant.  Water when the soil has dried out. Excess water will lead to dry spots on the foliage. Dusting the leaves will aid plant health and keep them looking shiny. Grows up to a metre indoors.

A note on toxicity; the leaves are poisonous so keep away from pets and children

Kentia forsterina Palm:

Kentia forsterina’s height and palm shaped leaves will add a beautiful, tropical wow feature to any home. It is  a slow growing palm but has a potential to reach up to 3 metres indoors making it an outstanding plant for creating a relaxing focal point.

It prefers indirect light and copes in shaded areas in the home. To keep in optimum health, let  the soil dry out between watering, but treat weekly with a light shower using a water-mister. Dust the leaves occasionally to maximise light absorption and keep pest free.

In store plants up to1.5m available for purchase

Araucaria heterophylla (Norfolk Island Pine): if you enjoyed a potted Christmas tree this year and would like to swap it for another pine that will look very similar, try the Norfolk Island Pine.  Norfolk Island Pine is a beautiful indoor conifer, with soft delicate needles that add a calm element of nature to any room. Indoors this tree will do well in a bright position. To restrict the growth keep slightly pot bound or place in large pot and it can grow to 1.8metres. Who knows, next year future years it could double up as an eco-friendly Christmas tree!

It likes humidity so mist from time to time. Water regularly from spring through autumn, but sparingly during the winter months. Norfolk Island Pine available in store at 0.5 metre height.

Add glamour and style to any indoor plant with a decorative pot. Edwins has a wonderful range of Ivyline, Woodlodge and Royal Botanic pots to suit an array of styles. 

Please do visit Edwins and ask us any questions on any indoor plants, their care and the appropriate feed to keep your plants healthy, and your enjoyment of them long lasting.

We look forward to helping you.

Edwins dedicated houseplant team