Indoor plants come in all shapes, sizes, textures; some look and feel soft, others bold and firm. Whatever their form, there has been much written about their benefits in helping relieve stress and improve mental and physical well being. Gardeners will tell you tending to plants, whether indoor or outdoor, is therapeutic.

With the move to working more at home, and the winter months ahead when we all spend more time indoors, it is important to think about the air quality we breathe. Did you know the inside of our homes can be polluted from toxins?  Air purifying plants deemed to be the most effective at removing toxins through their air movement as well as adding a natural, calming look and feel to your home. Add style by putting your plant in a decorative pot. Indoor plants make for fabulous gifts. 

Both Edwins, Clandon Park and Woking sell houseplants but Woking's big indoor space allows for a very extensive range with air purifying plants, seasonal indoor colour, cacti, orchids, bonsais. A home plant in a pot makes for an ideal gift. If buying for a present we offer a gift wrap service. 


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