Compost & Mulches

 Compost and mulch are not the same thing? 

Compost helps condition your soil. It is used beneath the top layer of the soil to benefit the soil itself in providing essential nutrients. Its nutrient rich soil is perfect for giving seeds, bulbs, plants, vegetables and shrubs a good start.   

Mulch is used on the top layer of the soil to control weeds, retain moisture and regulate temperature and protect the roots of plants in winter. There is the added benefit that it gives your garden a neat, tidy appearance. To help wildlife, create a pile of mulch in a quiet area. It will provide cover for small animals and is a handy, ready-made breeding site for stag beetles and other insects. As the materials gradually break down and decay, they enrich the soil and nourish your plants at the same time.

When buying compost and mulches at Edwins' stores please ask our staff for assistance to load your cars. We deliver to set local postcodes* for a fee of £10.00. No minimum spend required. 

*Delivery postcodes:  GU1-GU2-GU3-GU4-GU5-GU21-GU22-GU23-GU24-KT11-KT23-KT24

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